Engine Manufacturers

Engine components must survive in an incredibly difficult environment with high heat, vibration, and corrosive elements.  In addition to meeting these operating requirements engine manufacturers face a range of demands which Blue Ridge can help them meet:

  • Exact dimensional specifications
  • Complex shapes to meet functional and packaging needs
  • Low weight
  • Cost/Value
  • Multi-functionality wherever possible
  • Class-A or B surface quality for visible components

We work through the design process with our engine clients to develop parts which meet their needs.  The Blue Ridge casting and machining operations have been developed to deliver the complex parts required for this industry on time and to quality expectations.

In many engine applications such as valve covers, engine control covers and mounting provisions – pressure cast aluminum provides the best value.   For this reason, die cast aluminum parts from Blue Ridge can be found on Cummins, Volvo, Mack and GM engines.